Boris Johnson, guilty of British coronavirus deaths

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This 8 July 2020 music video from Britain says about itself:

Shagger – It Wasn’t Me

Boris Johnson’s Shaggy tribute act.


Sent 25,000 patients into care homes with no tests
Didn’t get the PPE, but Hancock got some Galatasaray vests
Wonder if there’s a way I could blame it on the care home chaps
It would take serious brass neck after taking part in all those claps

Bloody hell, it seems I’ve caused a big old genocide
When I wanted to be Churchill, that’s not what I had in mind
I’d be strung up by the ankles if the papers weren’t onside
I’d still lead all the polls if a million of you died

Let the record show I threw a protective ring
Get you all hammered so you don’t recall a thing
Like how I threatened to remove the care homes’ funding
Unless they took the COVID patients under their wing

The one who locked down belatedly
(It wasn’t me)
Refused to learn from Spain and Italy
(It wasn’t me)
The guy who favoured herd immunity
(It wasn’t me)
And picked the science accordingly
(It wasn’t me)
Who didn’t go to COBRA meetings
(It wasn’t me)
And hardly bothered with the briefings
(It wasn’t me)
The one who went around greeting
(It wasn’t me)
People hospitals were treating
(It wasn’t me)

Sent 25,000 patients into care homes with no tests
It was either that or show the world how bare we’d left the NHS
I’m not saying my own case of COVID-19 was overblown
But I spent the weekend in bed watching all of Home Alone

From daily The Morning Star in Britain, 30 July 2020:

PM told he must accept ‘personal responsibility’ for high Covid-19 death toll

THE PM must “take personal responsibility” for England suffering the highest numbers of excess deaths in Europe during the first half of 2020, Labour charged today.

Shocking figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed today that England endured the “longest continuous” period of excess deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic.

PM Boris Johnson responded by saying the recent reduction in deaths has been a “massive success.”

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