Big Corporations and World Communism

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British MP Renfield R. Renfield was taking questions from live callers on his podcast.

“Mr. Renfield, I’ve noticed you’ve made the claim that big multinational corporations have no problem with a World Communist government running the planet,” said a caller, “Why is that? Surely you’d think that big corporations would support free enterprise and be opposed to a Communist system.”

“Well at one time, that was true,” Renfield agreed, “For example back in the 1950s, big American corporations like General Electric and General Motors used to pay for the printing of pamphlets and brochures spelling out the errors of Communism because they realized Communism would mean the death of capitalism. But that all changed with the year 1978.”

“What happened in 1978?” The caller asked.

“That was the year Deng Xiaoping became the paramount leader of the People’s Republic of China,” Renfield related, “he allowed for the growth of private businesses in China. The Chinese Communist Party would still be the supreme authority in the state but private enterprise could grow and flourish. Let a thousand bank accounts blossom became Deng’s take on that old Maoist maxim Let a thousand flowers blossom. And indeed for a small elite in the People’s Republic of China, their bank accounts did blossom. Big corporations like Huawei and others not only became rich, they became obscenely rich. And the totalitarian control of the Chinese Communist Party ensured there was no chaos for them that could put their massive wealth in jeopardy. Things like freedom and true free enterprise (where there are no corporate monopolies but actually real competition) can be such a threat to making obscenely and filthy rich profits. Just ask Bill Gates. Do you think that he would have become so filthy rich if Microsoft hadn’t pretty well cornered the small personal computer market back in the 1990s and become a huge global monopoly? Institutions like the Chinese Communist Party in China ensure that big monopolies in China will remain big monopolies. All they have to do to remain that way is keeping pictures of Xi Jinping’s buttocks on the walls of their rooms and to kiss Xi’s buttocks first thing in the morning and kiss his buttocks last thing before going to bed at night. The big corporations will thrive and prosper in the coming global Marxist New World Order. For they’ll be the only thing left. The global Covid-19 lockdown has pretty well finished off most small and medium sized businesses. They’ll no longer be around in the post Covid world. Only the big boys on the block will remain. Mom and pop grocery stores and small family run restaurants will not survive. Wal-Mart and Costco will replace Mom and Pop’s shop permanently. Big restaurant chains like McDonald’s and KFC will no longer have places like the family run Smile Diner for competition. The big sharks swim around the global Communist tank while the small and medium sized fish are no more.”

“So the coming Marxist New World Order will be the Deng Xiaoping economic brand of Chinese Communism but on a global scale?” The caller inquired.

“That’s right,” Renfield nodded, “People like Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and those who run Google, Twitter and YouTube will become even more filthy rich than they already are with all their competition dead in the coming global Marxist New World Order. That’s why they’re censoring and de-platforming all those voices who are critical of and warning about the dangers of the New World Order and the coming Communist post-Covid ‘new normal’. It upsets their plans for world domination in their particular corporate sphere.”

“What will guarantee the success of their plans?” The caller asked.

“If the United States of America becomes a Neo-Bolshevik Neo-Soviet state which, if we’re to believe the opinion polls, will happen since senility prone Joe Biden is a puppet at the beck and call of his Neo-Stalinist, Neo-Maoist and Neo-Dengist puppetmasters,” Renfield answered.

“It doesn’t look very promising,” the caller noted.

“It doesn’t,” Renfield agreed.

The ghost of Sir Winston Churchill, who was sitting across from Renfield, looked at the currently sitting British MP.

Churchill’s ghost recalled his days as a mortal throughout the spring and summer of 1940 (80 years ago this year) when it looked like his own mortal back was against the wall.

-A vampire novel chapter
written by Christopher
Thursday July 30th

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