Let’s Hear It for the Girls!

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In case you didn’t know it women are wonderful and have a calming influence on societies when they are allowed to use their awesomeness on we, the barbarian race.

But here is the thing the nCOVID-19 worldwide lockdown unleashed by ChiComs has taught me. Chix are not stupid just because they are beautiful, soft, and warm. Smart chix swiftly react to market influences. Young female for rent at the marketplace go wanting for customers. The flesh trade will return to the land of smiles but slowly.

Meantime what is a poor and poorly educated nubile 20-something to do to sustain herself? Normally the most nubile ‘working ladies’ would be shacking and shaking it up in some 4 or 5 star hotel with a ‘two week millionaire’ no more than 5-10 years older than she. I am here to tell you that that tectonic plate has shifted, and the old sexpats who “know too much” are suddenly in high demand.

Life is good when your ego begins to be stroked by incredibly gorgeous, naturally tanned girls with dark brown eyes and raven hair.

I think I’ll stay here a bit longer to discover other answers to life’s mysteries in this third world shit show.

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