God Bless You, Mr Terrell

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Leo Terrell is a very new addition to conservatism, and we should all give him the warmest welcome. Actually, I don’t even know if he would call himself a conservative; he is just speaking the truth, common sense, I think it used to be called. Mr Terrell has spent his life as a Civil Rights attorney, and until pretty recently was a democrat, but BLM and certain recent comments made by Joe Biden have caused him to jump on the Trump train.

He says that people he has worked with and helped for the past 25 years as a Civil Rights attorney have turned their backs on him because he isn’t going along to get along with BLM. Heartbreaking, but he says that others are thanking him for speaking out: count me among those who want to thank Leo Terrell for speaking out. The video is about 5 minutes, totally worth it.

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