A scary film by Trump’s religious and conservative supporters

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The conservative Washington Times reports on the rise of a group of Trump supporters called “Trump 2024”, which has created a Kickstarter page to fund an eponymous documentary film. The previews are scary, putting you into the world of these religous nutcases and loons who, yes, do seem like “deplorables.”

Their aim? Apparently to preserve Trump’s “goals” after he’s no longer President, which, I hope, will be in January, 2021, not 2024.

From the Kickstarter site:

“Trump 2024” is your opportunity to collaborate with leading conservatives in an uncensored documentary film designed to activate “We The People”, those who love America and love what Trump is doing.

Funds raised through this campaign will finish production and distribute this film to the nation this fall.

If you love America and the freedoms we enjoy, this is your opportunity to get behind a film that can keep America Great.

And from the Washington Times:

Evangelical and social conservative supporters of President Trump are producing a film warning of a “one world government” based on socialism, the rise of the anti-Christ and other end-times calamities if Mr. Trump is not reelected in November.

“Trump 2024: The World After Trump” features interviews with a diverse group of Christian and conservative commentators, including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, the Rev. Franklin Graham, syndicated columnist Star Parker and Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, among others.

On Monday, the Christian movie company Resurrection Pictures released a trailer for the film and announced a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to distribute the movie to as many as 1,500 theaters in “key markets” nationwide.

Here’s a 2.5-minute preview, warning of the rise of socialism and other calamities should Trump’s legacy disappear. “Promises made, promises kept” indeed! No promise was kept. Every hot button that motivates conservatives is mentioned. But it’s now beyond me, after we’ve had 3.5 years of this moron, how anyone can deem him a good President.

Here’s another film from the Kickstarter website, which adds some excuses for Trump’s craziness. Many of the same Trump boosters appear who were in the clip above, as well as the head of “Resurrection Pictures,” who’s making this film. If you look at the Kickstarter page, they’ve nearly reached their goal.

How did we get to this point? Well, at least I’m reasonably sure he’ll be defeated in November, and I’ll have my own private Kickstarter with the several hundred dollars I’ll win in bets.

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