A Fairer Scotland? Scottish Government tries to do it better on poverty but ‘our’ media is silent

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Cabinet Secretary for Social Security, Shirley-Anne Somerville

If you try to argue that Scotland is becoming a fairer country than its big neighbour, the MSM media and opposition politicians will be infuriated at this display of ‘unjustified exceptionalism’ even anti-Englishness, somehow.

Talk of this kind here, has been a bit sidelined, for obvious reasons, but this announcement, to my knowledge ignored elsewhere, is special. Do share it.

Opinion piece by Cabinet Secretary for Social Security, Shirley-Anne Somerville.

From this week, thousands of families across Scotland will start to get letters telling them they are entitled to new Scottish benefits. This is a first in Scotland and shows that when it comes to social security – we’re doing things differently.

We’re taking information from DWP and HMRC to identify people who are on certain benefits or tax credits and have children of the right age, and we’re writing to tell them about the financial support we have available and actively inviting them to apply.

This is all part of our commitment to making sure people get all the financial support that they are entitled to – helping to maximise incomes and tackle poverty.

Are you eligible for more support?

Can you imagine the Tory benches froth if the DWP was to start encouraging people to claim benefits after checking with HMRC to make sure they weren’t missing out?

This is one more brick in the wall of our emerging difference with Cruel Britain. Here are quite a few earlier examples:

Coronavirus reaction one more sign of a different more caring worldview in Scotland?

And on poverty:

Joseph Rowntree Foundation praises SNP initiative on child poverty

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