Best Gift For A Millionaire Mentor?

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Please guys, well, I am just coming out of recession infact I recently graduated from the beggers association of nairaland(B.A.N) being their president.

So please I have 10k and I want to surprise a millionaire mentor.

Though we aren’t together anymore, infact it is almost 3years I left him in good accord but today, my mind just remembered him. He helped me alot in the past, he even Financed my academics in the uni and we are not even related. Lived like a king in his house for years, he made me his sole manager. He was so nice to me but I just have to leave when the ovation was high.

So what can I buy with 10k that will surprise him and likely make a Lil diff?

And let me use this medium to thank Mr bello extensively. This man called me on his own accord, he adviced me and spoke positive words into my life and he said,

“that business you talked about, how much will you need to startup? I said 25k will be enough and he said what if I see 30k? I was so happy and he said he will get back to me on the following day which is a Sunday.

You can imagine my surprise when I received an alert of 100k from him. I first thought it was a mistake and told him and he said, do whatever you can to help yourself.
I am forever grateful sir from the bottom of my heart.

Pls lalasticl.ala help me move to front page for a wider coverage.
It is actually good to appreciate people who has made impact in our life. Though they may lack nothing but aside our prayers for them, let us appreciate them with little things we can afford.

So I want something I can order online and they deliver to his home address in mushin Lagos thank you.

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